Acreages For Rent

There is a steady growth in the number of acreage owners in Alberta and at EstateView, we offer acreage maintenance services, lawn care programs, fertilizer application services, weed control services as we offer to our residential clients. 


Acreage owners are recommended to apply fertilizer to their lawns regularly at appropriate times for getting the best results and beautiful vegetation. Our lawn experts are well trained in fertilizer application, either using a truck or broadcast spreaders depending on the requirements and acreage sizes. Weed control is a spot treatment methodology done at 5 to 6-week intervals. 


Our Acreage maintenance services include:


  • Acreage lawn mowing
  • Fertilization application
  • Sweep the lawn
  • Weed control
  • Cut & trim
  • Leaf blow out
  • Overseeding